Annual Trail Run Xtreme -May 26, 2014 Memorial Day

Please join us for a fun filled morning on May 26th (Memorial Day) at Imagination Glen Park- EAST in Portage (off SR 149). The kids race begins at 8:15am and the 12K race begins at 9 am. Register on-line at
Proceeds benefit Gabriel’s Horn shelter and Outback Trail.
Call Mignon Kennedy at 219-242-2799 if you have any questions. Thank you!




Sandra was looking forward to retiring in a couple of years until she was suddenly “let go” from her job of 20 years – because the company needed to downsize. Sandra suddenly had no one to turn to – nowhere to go.

For nearly 10 years, Gabriel’s’ Horn has been a temporary refuge for homeless women and children of Porter County. We help women like Sandra get back on their feet by providing helpful tools, support and encouragement through education and counseling opportunities. And help from caring people in the community who partner with us to meet these vital and growing needs.

Sandra arrived at the Home late one evening. I remember the tears in her eyes – just knowing she had a place to call “home” even if only for a short time. She took advantage of the counseling we provide and also enrolled in an online computer course to improve her skills. She updated her resume and checked the job ads daily. It wasn’t long before she had an interview and was hired! We all celebrated with her!

You may not know that Gabriel’s Horn is the only existing homeless shelter for women and children in Porter County! And with only six apartments, many desperate women and children are anxiously waiting for a warm and safe place to live for a few months.

Gabriel’s Horn is meeting an urgent need in Porter County – but need the support and partnership of people like you. People who care about women and children who need a helping hand.

Maybe you give a gift a couple times a year. Or, perhaps you send a gift regularly. If so, we heartily thank you! If not, would you carefully consider giving a gift to Gabriel’s Horn? We – and the moms and children – would be grateful! Thank you!

Referral process for our shelter services:
Gabriel’s Horn serves single women and women with children of Porter County. If you are seeking our services, please contact your local Township Trustee’s office and ask for a referral for Gabriel’s Horn.

Porter County Township Trustee Offices:

Boone: (219) 996-5412
Center: (219) 462-0810
Jackson: (219) 926-8270
Liberty (219) 241-2484
Morgan: (219) 733-9965
Pine: (219) 874-6531
Pleasant: (219) 766-3216
Portage: (219) 762-1623
Union: (219) 789-0687
Washington: (219) 531-0050
Westchester: (219) 926-1405

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